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Victor Lourng

Nerd. Spectacle. Imagineer.

Me as an SVG!Artist: thiefoworld

A little about me

I'm a well-seasoned and award-winning high school student — a enthusiast passionate about making things awesome. I’ve made it to international robotics competitions, regional science fairs, epic college hackathons, and huge comic conventions. I’ve built and managed startups from ideas, websites from scratch, and art from pure nothingness. I’m on a quest for world domination, one small thing at a time.

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They call me a

Web Unicorn

I do a lot of cool frontend & backend stuff.

Important announcement: all items are on sale for the next 24 hours.

I'm pretty great with PHP, Node.JS, CSS3, LESS, Sass, and more!

ILITE Robotics

  • WordPress
  • PHP 5.5
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap 2.3

This website was created using WordPress and many modern technologies for FRC team 1885.

ILITERobotics.orgAbout the Site
We have served as a stand out team with the primary goal of instilling young persons with the skills and passion to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math…
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  • WebRTC
  • jQuery 2.10
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • DIY CSS Framework
  • Connect with your friends in Realtime via WebRTC
  • The connections are peer-to-peer, no plugin needed
  • Video chat, screen sharing*, and more!
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List of Closings

DC Area Closings

Can't find you school? It's probably open!


An international initiative for bringing drones to the farm for civilian use.

Our first product, a drone and ground station leverages the use of high resolution cameras so farmers can use high quality maps to decide which treatments and procedures are applied to plants.

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A Quick Preview

Precise Servers

  • PHP
  • Vanilla
  • Custom CMS
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS
  • Bootstrap

A platform for high-end hosted game servers.


Event Pages

In addition, I've also built sites for some really cool events.

NoVA FTC Qualifier

A fun technical robotics challenge for middle and high school students.

Haymarket FLL

A LEGO MindStorms competition for kids in elementary school. The site was built in under 3 hours!


Monthly indie gaming developer meetup taking place at George Mason University.

Anything below this point is under construction. You have been warned.

Even More Things

Here are some more side projects I've been working on:

Sleep Well

On 12/2/2013, shut down their legendary music community in order to refocus their efforts on Turntable Live. I have created a guide for existing devs/users and a GitHub Organization to open-source their graphics. Bots

Highly function room management bots written in Node.js. Support for queue, web scraping, chat moderation, deck timers, and lots of cool things.

Harlem Shake the Web

A Chrome extension that does exactly what it says. You can also try a live demo RIGHT NOW by entering the Konami code on your keyboard or touchscreen.


A deviantART passport oAuth strategy for Node.js. Windows 8 App

Upload your drawings to deviantART via their REST API.


Replace your system font with different fonts.


A high extensive drawing app. Android, created in App Inventor.

Draw something blah

Possible hackathon idea?

Science Fair

Winning awards every single time!

Artificial Intelligence

Attempted to create something similar to Siri using language processing.

  • 1st Overall - Battlefield High School
  • 1st Computer Science - Manassas Park Invitational
  • 2nd Computer Science - Prince William/Manassas Regional Science Fair
  • American Dental Association - Recognition
File Compression

Use 7-Zip with .zip for fastest speed, WinRAR with .rar for smallest size.

  • 1st Computer Science - Bull Run Middle School
  • 2nd Computer Science - Prince William/Manassas Regional Science Fair
  • VA Finalist - 2011 Broadcom Masters
  • Armed Forces Communications & Electronic Assoc. - Cash Prize

Lab Reports

Experiments I do in class and in my spare time.

Boiling Water = Instant Snow

On a -19 degree celsius day, we filled water guns with very hot water in a delicate process to create artificial snow.

An Element's Fingerprint

In this lab I used spectrocopes to analyze the different wavelengths emitted by different elements.

FIRST Robotics

I'm a pro at engineering, too.

Also, I was at the 2013 FIRST World Championships in St. Louis!

FRC 1885 (ILITE Robotics)Photos


I'm an aspiring artist hungry for improvement.

You can blame deviantART's awesome, high-morale, and playful community for my art addiction.

I am involved in #CSS-DYK, #dAJunkies, among others.

In addition, requests are open. Feel free to suggest something and I will do a quick sketch of it!

LabLayers on dA


I like to write about advice, experiences, and cool tech tutorials.

My JournalMediumArchiveJekyll (WIP)

My Weekend At: PilotPhillyPersonal: I Started From the Bottom and Now I'm Here!Medium: New Kid at a New SchoolPersonal: Con(f) Update - I Moved To PhillyPersonal: Node.js is the New PHP


I am taking documentary/film at school, learning Final Cut Pro.

Snow Video
Ken Jeong BioPic
How to: Dirt Cups


I produce music with Ableton Live and Logic Pro.


Here are some more songs I've been listening to:

Night of the Wolf
The Mighty Show-Stoppers
Kanye West
Cut to Black
Faded Paper Figures
Iron Heart
Blackout City
Cave In
Owl City

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Once upon a timeI met a dog.His name was doge.I mined coins with him.Such end.

P.S. There are at least 42+ easter eggs on my site. Try to find them all!